The Career Of Nguyen Van Duong: Highlights, Controversies, And Legal Consequences

The Career Of Nguyen Van Duong Before His Arrest Had Notable Highlights. He Was Known As The Chairman Of The CNC Company, A Company Considered As A Shelter Under The Ministry Of Public Security. With An Initial Investment Capital Of 20 Billion Vietnamese Dong, This Company Was Seen As A Tactic For Duong To Conceal His Illegal Activities. Previously, He Was Also The Chairman Of The Board Of Directors At UDIC Company And Participated In The Bac Giang – Lang Son Expressway Project.

However, Nguyen Van Duong’s Reputation Truly Emerged In 2018 When He Was Exposed In A Gambling Case Involving Trillions Of Dong. He Was One Of The Two Key Figures In This Gambling Ring And Received The Highest Penalty, Along With The Largest Amount Of Money To Be Paid For The Execution Of The Sentence, Reaching Nearly 1,700 Billion Dong.

Throughout His Career, Nguyen Van Duong Went Through Two Significant Phases. The First Phase Was When He Served As The Chairman Of The Board Of Directors At The UDIC Investment Corporation. During This Period, The Company Had Nothing Remarkable Until It Was Approved By The Ministry Of Transport As The Investor With The Largest Capital In The Joint Venture Of Investors Implementing The BOT Project On The Bac Giang – Lang Son Expressway. However, After A Significant Increase In The Charter Capital In 2016, Duong Divested A Large Portion Of His Shares In The Company, Making The Saigon Bridge And Road Construction Investment Corporation Become The Largest Shareholder Of UDIC.

The Second Phase Of Nguyen Van Duong’s Career Began When He Left UDIC And, Together With Vu Kim Ha, Became The Two Largest Shareholders Of The CNC High-Tech Security Investment Company. However, As We Know, He Was Subsequently Exposed Due To His Involvement In Illegal Gambling Activities.

The Career Of Nguyen Van Duong Before His Arrest Had Its Successes And Highlights, But It Was Also Accompanied By Legal Violations. This Case Caused A Shock In The Community And Served As A Reminder Of The Importance Of Adhering To The Law, Particularly In The Fields Of Business And Finance.